Fulham - spectacular rain

Our Week in the Forest... 

Our summer campers excelled themselves in rope work this week with some truly spectacular and intricate creations being strung up in between the trees. Some children noticed the resemblance to hammocks and worked towards being able to suspend themselves above the ground by stringing up additional ropes and then giggling as they tried at testing it with their own weight. We had 3D spider webs for catching unsuspecting educators and rope suspension bridges that inspired some of the children to showcase their acrobatic and circus skills!

We set up some art stations in the forest, the first being clay, which proved to be very popular and our campers invested creative energy into their production of sculptures, bowls, signs and letters. Xiao, visiting from the new Twickenham nursery, was initiated into the group by some of the girls who took their watercolour creativity from the paper and onto his nails, arms and face until he was almost unrecognisable!

Wednesday brought us spectacular rain and our campers were in puddle heaven! We ran through them, jumped into the middle of them and made bridges across them as well as mixing up some oozy, sticky, delicious mud for cooking in the kitchen.

Fulham 9:08:2019 1.jpg

Some of our full day children had the opportunity to explore the chapel inside Fulham Palace at the end of the day. They were excited to explore this new space and learn a little about the history and who used to live there.

We cleaned up our tables after our picnic lunch on Thursday and set up a real cookery station where interested children could try their hand at making an apple crumble to take home and bake. Each child was in charge of watching carefully as we poured the flour and sugar onto the scales so they could let us know as soon as the red line reached 100. They then learned how to use their hands to squash, squeeze and rub the butter into breadcrumbs for the topping. They were all so good at patiently waiting for their friends in the group to catch up and helped each other measure the ingredients. Chefs in the making!

We hope you all had a lovely week and have a fabulous weekend!

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Little Forest Folk