Fulham - stag beetle discovery

Our Week in the Forest... 

It has been another absolutely delightful holiday camp, welcoming back so many familiar faces along with our regular children.
The children’s insect theme has continued this week with the discovery of an amazing stag beetle hidden amongst the trees. We have occasionally seen them in the forest but this one was particularly large and offered the perfect opportunity for the children to observe what it looked like and how it moved. The children were fascinated and wanted to know more about these magnificent beetles, such as whether it’s pincers would hurt your finger, whether it was a male or female and the size of their wings? For some children it was the first time they had seen one, with some children asking if it was real as they didn’t think beetles could be so big, so after it reared up they looked in disbelief. Marlon also explained about how these beetles are becoming endangered and that we would need to find a safe habitat for it later in the morning.
The children have also welcomed the return of the slackline this week which they have been using to experiment with heights and guessing how many children were needed to get it to touch the floor! It’s always a really good social activity where the children can experiment together with balancing, bouncing and leaning back as far as they can!

Fulham 31:05:2019 1.jpg

The mud kitchen has also been super busy this week serving all manner of yummy, and yucky dishes. Each day there has been a new menu which the children chalked on a large wooden board to attract their customers, one day it was an Italian restaurant with pizzas, jelly and ice-cream, and the next day a fish and chicken café where the specialities were chocolate chicken and twisted fish. It was lovely to observe the cooperation, creativity and imagination in these busy eateries, although sometimes it was a little tricky to get a seat at peak times!
It’s looking like the forecast is for much warmer and sunnier weather next week, which is what we all love, so please remember to provide your child with a sunhat and to still pack waterproofs.
We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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