Fulham - Story Makers

Our Week in the Forest... 

There have been a number of main activities that the children have enjoyed taking part in and returning to throughout this week. Literacy and mark making have been particularly big parts of the week with story scribing being especially popular. Children would create their own stories (some providing an interesting insight into life at home!) while a practitioner would write down what the children were saying; this is such an important tool for enabling children to link spoken word to written language. Along with that, our art stall also went down a treat. With our blue resource boxes as a table, the children soon set to work writing, colour or just scribbling. Seeing how much they love mark making at this early stage in life is a joy for us as practitioners. The freedom and opportunity to experiment how they want, gives the children a perfect platform and the confidence to be competent writers later in life. 

Fulham   20:10:2017   1.jpg

 Another exciting activity the children loved was timing themselves while running around an obstacle course. The course included trees to run around and logs to jump and climb over, all testing the children’s physical development to the maximum. However, getting to use the stop watch proved to be much more exciting than running around course. It was a great way to help the children develop their recognition of numbers, their understanding I.T and how when pressed, buttons can cause an action, but most difficult of all – patience. Waiting until it was their turn to use the stop watch was something that everyone found a challenge!

Expressive arts and design has also been a feature in the forest this week. When we finished a roll of paper towel, instead of the cardboard going in the bin, one child exclaimed it was a telescope. This prompted an interesting discussion about what a telescope is and who used it. This of course lead to the creation of our pirate ship where the children clambered aboard and sailed off to magical islands.
Once again, we merely provided the opportunities for the children to learn, and they have continued to blow us away with how through play, they have developed in so many aspects.. 

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Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk