Fulham - Tasting the rain on our tongues

Our Week in the Forest... 

The natural resources have provided us all with plenty of fun and excitement this week, from showering ourselves in coloured leaves to tasting the rain on our tongues. These resources are a constant source of fascination for the children as they examine, investigate and question the properties of everything they experience.
Throughout the week we have supported this interest by incorporating natural elements into all our activities and keeping other resources to a minimum, this has really highlighted how imaginative and creative the children become when using the natural environment for their learning and play. The logs, tree stumps, planks and ropes have provided the stimulus to sustain wonderful collaborative role playing and innovation, and watching how a group of very young children discuss how to move a large log together is utterly mind-blowing!!

Fulham 30.11.18a.jpg

With many children expressing an interest in the continued use of clay we have been exploring more ideas from making printing blocks to developing their techniques with 3D structures and pots, possibly inspired by all our recent archaeology. Through experimentation the children are beginning to really understand the properties of this material and after seeing how some of their previous creations worked, or didn’t work, when they had fully dried they are starting to link this to their modelling techniques. Over the coming weeks we will start to introduce further ideas to support their knowledge and learning, this could be the beginnings of Fulham’s first outdoor pottery!!

Fulham 30.11.18b.jpg


Little Forest Folk