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Our Week in the Forest... 

It has been a particularly special few weeks for us, not only have they been an immensely enjoyable time in the forest but a celebration of the most wonderful journeys we have taken together with those children who will be continuing their journeys of discovery in their new schools from September. Many have been with us since we first appeared in the grounds of Fulham Palace and we all feel so privileged to have shared in the children’s experiences and learning along the way and watching them grow into such confident, curious and competent young children.

This may have contributed to the sense of engagement and passion for collaborative play this week, with new and innovative ideas visible at every turn, from tree houses being constructed among the trees to wacky racer style cars being built from the cable reels and planks. The mud kitchen was definitely the place to be for group discussions, and from where an endless stream of inventive concoctions could be seen being distributed across the setting, from making supplies for the pancake treehouse to snacks for all the busy builders. The idea was extended later in the week with an outdoor cookery class, during which the children experimented with vermicelli noodles, seaweed and herbs to prepare their own rice paper wraps, without the inclusion of mud, sticks or leaves!

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We also couldn’t finish off this term without those much-treasured forest school tools with which the children have exhibited such competence and skill in creating the most wonderful and intricate items from a mixture of made and found component parts. The moving watches were particularly popular and a great opportunity to discuss time throughout the week.

We would like to express a huge thanks for being such amazingly supportive families and for giving us the opportunity to be an integral part of this precious time in your children’s lives. Wishing all our children who will be leaving the best for the future and we are looking forward to all the new adventures with those who will be returning in September, and who undoubtedly will be the most delightful role models for all the new children.

Have a lovely weekend!

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