Summer holiday camp, The Gruffalo

More holiday camp fun!

He has terrible tusks and terrible claws...and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws. It's the Gruffalo! After a week of reading The Gruffalo on demand, we could recite it by heart. We've made Gruffalo masks, Gruffalo decorations, we've played Gruffalo pairs games (very popular!) and have made Gruffalo mud faces on the trees.

Much to the delight of the children we introduced a little bit of naughty chocolate on site this week. We've been baking bananas on the fire and before we bake them we let the children push a few chocolate buttons into the banana to melt all deliciously.....yum!

In thanks to the rain we've had we've got some lovely mud on site so lots of the usual climbing trees but with muddy play underneath the trees and lots of squidgy sliding in the mud!

During the torrential rain yesterday afternoon we were so proud of our children who showed all the holiday campers the fun that can be had in the rain, and then led a fantastic sing song of the hokey cokey before using their imaginations to create an elaborate game involving pushing crayons into the dome floor.

We've had an incredible response to our butternut squash scones which are one of our new lunch treats. Due to the demand (mostly from children) to have these at home, we've set up a blog on our website to allow parents to access our most popular recipes. Take a look on

All in all another fabulous week. We and the children are loving holiday camps! Sadly not long until they finish and we start a new school term. Although it will be nice to be welcoming so many happy new faces to Little Forest Folk!

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