Summer holiday camp, fairies and adventure!

We've had another fantastic holiday camp week.

Full of fairies and elves, making crowns from willow, fairy houses and dens and damper bread on the fire. Dressing up with camouflage clothes to hide from friends. Then on the hunt, trying to spot grasshoppers, frogs and ladybirds, and digging for slugs and worms. Baking lunch for the fairies and chocolate blackberry mousse for lucky me ;-)

Using ropes to build dens, traps for monsters, climbing trees and other random boisterous games.

Picking blackberries then pounding them with sticks until they turned into purple paint and having lots of messy creative fun painting with them.

The fun continued with some creative role play 'looking after stone babies' and playing school. Dressing up as ladybirds. Then trying not to giggle as spiders tickle us running over our hands!! :-)

And lots more craziness - it's been a fab week!!