Our week in the forest

Snap, crackle, whoosh! In honour of Guy Fawkes evening this week we have been learning about fire and fireworks. The children have been taught how fire steels work and once they have grasped the principles of creating a spark, have been focusing intently on trying to create a spark using a fire steel. Bear Grylls watch out! Our two year olds will be lighting fires soon.

We've also been talking about bonfires and fireworks, have made our own bonfire and firework pictures and crafts, using leaves and other natural materials as well as listening to firework poems and then whooshing and popping around the meadow as if we are fireworks exploding in the sky. Fabulous fun and lots of laughs.

We've been on insect hunts where we found some lovely mini beasts and identified them using our ID sheets, then found a huge wriggly worm that fascinated the children for ages. We've cooked 'chicken', 'pies', 'pasta' and lots of other delights using the natural materials found in the forest and stirring them up nicely with lots of mud following the rains. Yum.

We have created obstacle courses which the children have led their own play on, taking turns to be the leader showing their friends the way around the obstacle course with lots of jumping, climbing and wriggling under. Brilliant not only for their fitness but for their coordination, their resilience and their ability to work out their own risk taking abilities.

During cookery class this week the children delighted in staining their hands pink chopping beetroot for the beetroot and beef burgers which they ate with a mash they had prepared themselves. Lots of chopping and amazingly some of the children are really starting to recognise and accurately name the different veg and herbs that they are chopping. Little superstars.

Our Cubetto robot arrived this week and we've been trialling playing with him in the garden of the scout hall but look forward to his first foray into the forest next week when we shall be starting our basic play sessions around sequencing and coding.