Wandsworth - Acorns and oak leaves

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week has been a whirlwind! In Paradise the children had the privilege of having a little campfire. They were curious about why some of the objects smoked more in the fire than others, which lead to some really inquisitive conversations. The children wanted to test out their thoughts by burning different objects in the fire to see how smoky they were. They discovered that cotton wool on its own caught fire quite quickly, whereas when it was paired with Vaseline it burned for much longer. They also tested how smoky a wet stick was in the fire compared to a very dry stick. The children were fascinated and were asking lots of inquisitive questions throughout.


In Wimbledon, the children spent lots of their time climbing on obstacle courses made out of new planks that we have introduced to the forest. These planks have proved to be versatile as they were also used as clipboards in the painting area! This was especially useful as mark making was a huge hit this week. On our adventure walks, the children were encouraged to find acorns and oak leaves as part of our recognition of the Tree of the Month, Oak! The children were excited to use their forest-found treasures as mark making utensils and mixed the blue and pink paints together to see what new colour it would produce. “It makes purple!”
On Wednesday we were lucky to stumble across a fire engine in the Windmill car park! The firefighters were very generous and invited the children to take a peek inside. Some of the children became a bit shy when this opportunity arose, but others were so excited to climb up into the fire truck and even try on a firefighter helmet! Christy couldn’t contain her excitement either and got the opportunity to model the full ensemble, to which the children exclaimed that she looked “really silly”. Tough critics.
All jokes aside, it was a lovely Autumn week in the forest. Here’s to hoping that next week is full of just as much exploration and adventure. Enjoy your wild weekends!


Little Forest Folk