Wandsworth - Bow and arrow making

Our Week in the Forest... 

It has been an eventful, activity filled week here at Little Forest Folk Wandsworth. With the colder weather around we have been implementing a lot of activities that encourage gross motor movement and physical co-ordination. We have also incorporated lots of literacy and mathematics into this active play.

The children have been very interested in knot tying which led to a continuing interest in creating bows and arrows. The children were tasked to find a stick the perfect length that is just a little bit bendy. With vigour the children hunted for the perfect stick and then were helped by the educators to attach the string to their bows. They then decided they would need arrows too, so they set out to create their own arrows which were carried in their very own personalised quivers. Needless to say we had THE ultimate band of hunter gatherers in our midst. To help train our marksman, we carried out a lot of target practice games. Initially with tennis balls for the time being, the children were challenged to hit a variety of targets – the important rules of safety were discussed with the children so that in the near future we can practice with our bows.


For others though, the leaves were to be used as a construction tool. Using warm, wellied feet, the children scraped the leaves to a central point and started to build a huge leaf castle. Once Another favourite of the week has been the construction of Little Forest People using leaves, sticks and pipe cleaners. The children independently and democratically chose their own design and were supported in the construction of their masterpiece. As the stick creatures came to life the children came up with the identity of its character ranging from forest fairies to stick men.

We built assault courses where we counted the amount of star jumps and bunny hops that we did, and the running track where we carried out many different movement types. We developed a letter hunting game. Using red string trails the children found a variety of letters which they are now getting very good at recognising. After finding all of the letters we discovered that it spelt the word Wednesday! We will continue our letter hunt and number hunting game as it really invigorates the children, who are eager to learn at all times!

Even with our very windy day, it has been another fantastic week and we look forward to what next week brings!


Little Forest Folk