Wandsworth - Building a fire

Our Week in the Forest... 

What a mighty week of weather we have had in the forest. With Wednesday being the hottest day in October for 7 years, we have been feeling very grateful to enjoy the last moments of sunshine! The beautiful sunshine has made the forest feel calm and ambient each day.

With last weeks fabulous fire at paradise, this Monday the children were racing around finding the perfect sticks to make their own imaginary fire. They were rubbing sticks together, crashing them like flint and steel, and some were even blowing on the fire to re-ignite it. The children worked beautifully together, keeping one another safe by continually reciting the rules to each other. Later in the afternoon the children requested we make a real fire, and helped gather the ‘tiny worm sticks’ for the ‘square’ to start a fire.


As the Autumn colours are settling in, we are starting to revisit old landmarks for moments of reflecting and pondering. The children chose to visit the lake twice this week, upon doing so one of the children asked, ‘Where are the cygnets?’ This created a huge discussion on the growth of cygnets to swans, and a hilarious game of ‘where's Wally’ trying to spot them! When eventually spotted, the children noticed what stage the cygnets were in, ‘It's as big as its mummy, but not quite white yet.’ ‘It's not a baby anymore!’

This week we have also been revisiting tally's, categorising and counting again, we used leafy oak leaves, relating to the focus tree, this time incorporating stones and feathers! Some children suggested bringing some new forest resources, including stones and pinecones, back to the bowling club for all to play with.

What a fabulous week!

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Little Forest Folk