Wandsworth - Climbing Adventures!

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week we have really been challenging the children with all sorts of tricksy climbing conundrums to test their agility and problem-solving skills.  Our sneaky team have had great fun trying to think up even more complex physical tests for the children each day with which to surprise the children.  The children have really gotten stuck in and have loved challenging themselves and learning how to manage risk safely.  It has been super to hear them give one another helpful hints, drawing on their own success, 'Try and put your foot here and then pull up!'  They have been so proud of their achievements, and when finally completing something they had found really hard, shouts of 'Look at me!  Look at me!' echoed around the forest.  These joyous yelps were made all the merrier by the fact that they had had to keep at it and not give up.  Terrific bravery and determination from our adventurers!

Wandsworth   27:10:2017   1.jpg

The children also had a corker of a time on a great big treasure hunt using a giant map that they discovered in the forest when they arrived!  The pint-sized buccaneers had to do tricky counting for the number of steps they needed to take and also think about left and right turns in order to follow the directions on the map.  It took all their ingenuity and team work but after a gruelling expedition around the forest they found the X marking the spot!  The brave explorers then had to work together to dig for the treasure.  Was it going to be sparkling diamonds, or ruby red jewels?  In fact, it turned out to be some incredibly valuable and rare stones, not to be confused with your generic forest rocks as can so easily be done in this day and age.  A pile of gold could not have been as valuable to these children who clutched at their pebbles, eyes gleaming, as they set off to show everyone the plunder!  This mission clearly ignited their imagination as for the rest of the day as little clusters of children could be seen digging and polishing precious stones and drawing X’s with sticks in the soil in which to keep their treasure.  
Thank you to all of our fab holiday campers who joined us this week- it was brilliant to have you join us and bring along such lovely enthusiasm!  And of course, a great big thank you, as usual, to all our children who always make our weeks such a blast!  

Wandsworth   27:10:2017   2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk