Wandsworth - decorated butterflies

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week the children have been fascinated by the different things set up in the forest. Some weeks as the children arrive you can tell there are themes or interests that will run throughout the day, but our set up this week has very much determined the theme. Some of the highlights have included a new rope ladder and obstacle course where the children’s physical development has been tested to the limit. They had to work independently on the rope ladder using all their balance, coordination and strength while the obstacle course tested their teamwork. Children worked together to climb over logs, crawl under ‘lasers’ and walk across wobbly bridges, all in order to pass their Power Ranger training.
We also had a spaceship land in our camp one morning this week. The children were fascinated by it and we had lots of discussions about where it might have come from and who might have been in it. When the children boarded the spaceship, they found a control panel with all sorts of controls and buttons. We could start and stop the spaceship, turn it left and right and turn on the turbo boosters. This also tested the children’s negotiation skills as everyone wanted to drive!

Wandsworth 24:05:2019 1.jpeg

On Mondays and Fridays, the children have been helping to prepare for an art festival that is happening next month at Paradise. The different groups that use the site have been creating murals to place around the space and our children have loved designing the three Little Forest Folk murals. One of ours consisted of trees where the children all used hand prints for the leaves, another was a leafy background where the children printed minibeasts with potatoes and our last one was an underwater scene where the children decorated fish.

The children have enjoyed lots of other activities where we have beautifully decorated butterflies that we attached to sticks to fly around the forest, we have experimented and talked about volcanoes and the children have loved the new food on the menu.
All in all, it’s been a lovely week in the sun and we hope you all have a lovely long weekend!

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Little Forest Folk