Wandsworth - Fond farewells!

Our Week in the Forest... 

It has been a week of fond farewells, sad goodbyes and excitement for the future! It is the last week of regular term before the summer holiday camps, and a lot of our long-standing cohort are now moving onto 'big' school life. We have been talking about the next stage for a lot of our children discussing what might be different, and what we can look forward to!

A lot of the children have wanted to discuss what they might learn in a classroom. The children were then set a task to build their own classrooms and set their own lessons. The depth of understanding of what they might encounter was astounding, as one of the children read a story to the others helping them to sound out the initial letters of words.

Wandsworth 19:07:2019 1.jpeg

Others wanted to explore new areas of the Common, and the adventurers came across many new and beautiful locations we had not seen before, which can be our leavers legacy as we move forward. We found a second pond, buzzing with activity as the children saw butterflies, pond skaters and other lovely creatures. We let the children decide where we went, but we also challenged them to orienteer us back to base camp. The understanding our Little Forest Folk-ers had of the environment around them was quite amazing, as they bee lined straight back to base pointing out our other favourite locations on the way.

It has been a real privilege seeing all of you grow up with us, and we will miss you greatly, but we cannot wait to hear about all your new adventures!

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Little Forest Folk