Wandsworth - Forest fairy houses

Our Week in the Forest... 

What an incredible week we have had in the forest! From rainy days of jumping in puddles to sunny afternoons at the “big hill” in Wimbledon Common, we have fully experienced some of London’s typical weather and have flourished with the unpredictable changes.

In Paradise on Monday, the children enjoyed walking around the garden looking at how much the fruits and vegetables have grown, spying baby pea pods on their stalks and licking their lips at the strawberries that are becoming redder and juicy-looking by the day! The children were also very inspired to write wildly imaginative stories but were even more interested in illustrating them. We saw lots of stories and drawings that drew inspiration from the children’s favourite television shows, and they were eager to explain the characters to the educators.

In the forest, we have seen our Little Forest Folk-ers building lots of fairy houses again this week. The children have kept a keen eye out for special little places at the bases of trees that they think the fairies would enjoy and have suggested we build homes for them in these spots. The houses the children are creating are becoming more and more creative! We saw a circular house this week, for example, that had 3 trees inside of it for the fairies to climb up in order to explore the next level of the house! There were also fairy swimming pools and trampolines in the garden which, the children mentioned, were essential for the fairies.

Wandsworth 21:06:2019 1.jpeg

When the children weren’t busy being fairy house carpenters, they were trying their hand at archaeology! They gathered together around the sandier areas of the forest and started digging. The children collected stones that they deemed special and called them “dinosaur bones.” Almost every child this week has spent some time at the archaeological dig sites and have come out quite successful. There is talk of using these “dinosaur bones” to construct skeletons next week, so stay tuned!

As my (Christy’s) last week in the forest, I can honestly say the children have made it a really special one. They included all of my favourite activities this week, from impressing me with their fairy-house-making skills (which I utterly admire) to writing stories that make me laugh out loud, to teaching me a thing or two (or three) about dinosaurs...it really encompassed all the things I will miss about these children. It has been so lovely getting to know all of the children and having the pleasure of watching them learn and grow every day. They have taught me loads and I will miss them dearly. Thanks for the lovely memories, everyone!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Little Forest Folk