Wandsworth - Ice and Frost

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week an arctic blast has brought a real cold snap into the forest and here at Wandsworth, we have embraced the ice and frost. The children have enjoyed nothing better than smashing and crunching the ice on our roaming adventure walks, noticing that each day the ice has changed from surface sheet thickness into a sliver of thin ice. Many questions have been raised such as; Why are there bubbles in the ice? Why is it blurry? Why can’t I take it home with me? All of which the children have tried to answer themselves.

So, what were the children’s thoughts? Well the children have decided that it is not wise to take the ice home in our bags as it will melt and make everything wet! Their answer for the blurry vision was fascinating – “Because the water was moving when it got so cold that it froze”. And best for last, “Why are there bubbles in the ice?”- well it’s obviously because “The muddy puddle was trying to breathe and the bubbles got stuck!”. The object of answering our own questions is so important for young children as they start to analyse their views and thoughts. Perhaps working out that we can’t always be right at first, but we can always learn and improve!

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We have introduced a whole new raft of stories this week that have really captivated the children’s imagination. ‘Chocolate Cake’ by Michael Rosen has been a firm favourite with it’s funny and charming story. It has brought to fruition a flowing creativity based around our favourite things. We have been able to discuss as groups the fact that every child has different interests and needs.

Have a lovely weekend everybody, we are looking forward to another inquisitive week. 

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