Wandsworth - Imaginary play!

Our Week in the Forest... 

Laughter, happiness and fun have filled the air this week at Little Forest Folk Wandsworth. As the weeks roll on, a real sense of family and connection has connected the group into the tight unit that they are. Creative construction has been a highlight of the week with the children creating forest crowns, birds’ nests, axes and other helpful implements. The real benefit of creating these wonderful items is the link between the creation and physical construction and its use in experimental, innovative imaginary play!
The week started with a hot summers day at Paradise. Water based activities such as pouring and measuring; waterfalls being big favourites. A lot of the children were very interested in the care and upkeep of the environment. Big buckets were placed around the flower beds – each then filled up with water using the hose. Then in a self-led direction the children set to work watering all the flowers, making sure they were given enough to stay hydrated through the warmer temperature.

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This week a brand-new restaurant was opened under the holly bushes on Wimbledon common. “Little Forest Grub” is an open kitchen where you get to see the chefs hard at work. Requests for meals are welcome which gives the menu an eclectic array of dishes from all around the world. Once you have finished with your mains there is ice creams for dessert or maybe even baklava! 

The Little Forest Folk-ers have also been using the natural resources around them to craft miniature birds’ nests and forest crowns this week. After picking a selection of long grasses and carefully choosing holly branches the children were helped to weave the stems and branches intricately. This required lots of concentration and high dexterity of fine motor skills which the children revelled and excelled with.
Next week we are due some more gloriously warm and sunny weather. We look forward to seeing you all then. Have a lovely weekend.

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Little Forest Folk