Wandsworth - Muddy puddles

Our Week in the Forest... 

We have had a wild week in the forest! On Monday in Paradise, the children got the opportunity to build the structure of a fire, set it ablaze, and enjoy the heat it provided. This was especially lovely because it was the first time that some of the children had ever experienced this! They all concentrated on what the educators were doing to tend the fire and they loved watching the flames dance.
Our time in the Common was just as exciting. The children were thrilled when they saw a puppet theatre made from natural materials when they entered the forest on Wednesday. They had the opportunity to come up with their own stories that would then evolve into a play. Each child loved having the responsibility of designating character roles to their friends, performing in front of their peers, and feeling a sense of pride when the audience applauded at the end.

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Before the rain came and provided the forest with many muddy puddles, the children showed a great interest in wanting to learn how to build a shelter from scratch. They helped come up with a list of necessary materials to construct the shelter which consisted of big sticks, small sticks, and lots of ferns to protect it from the rain. They took turns placing the bracken gently on the top of the shelter and together they marvelled at their bush craft creation!
It has been a wildly wonderful week here in the forest and we are looking forward to what adventures are in store for us next.

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Little Forest Folk