Wandsworth - Autumn sunshine

Our Week in the Forest... 

This week we’ve been enjoying the lovely sunshine, even though Autumn is just around the corner, it’s been a lovely sunny week in Wandsworth. It’s amazing to see how much the children notice all of the changes happening around them in the forest, especially the subtle change of colours amongst the leaves.
There has been lots of fun in the mud kitchen, the children have been bakers making yummy pancakes and cakes, cooks making muddy lumpy soup and of course there was always time for a cup of tea and a biscuit. We’ve also had lots of digging this week, the children learning through the look and feel of the earth and about what creatures live in the mud.
We’ve had the balance boards out in the forest and the children have been showing off their amazing coordination skills, helping one another to stay upright and enjoying taking turns. It’s wonderful to watch their confidence in their physical abilities grow as they get better every time. We’ve had cosy story tales under the tree followed by an exciting hunt for the ferocious tiger that was hiding somewhere in the forest and of course there was a treasure hunt or two along the way too.

Wandsworth 22nd September 1.jpg

We’ve also played lots of games this week include one of the children’s favourites, Hide & Seek. We have such an amazing space at Paradise to explore and the plants there make playing Hide & Seek a lot of fun. The children also built their very own house this week, being highly creative using the wheelbarrow to make the house. The children worked together and played beautifully in their unique home.
Another hit this week was a sea shell, we took turns to carefully listen to the sounds that can be heard when you lift the shell to your ear. It was magical hearing what the children thought those sounds might be. A very calming experience all round!

We've had such a great week and we'll see our little explorers again next week!

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Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk