Wandsworth - Room on the Broom

Our Week in the Forest... 

Welcome back to all of our sessional children. It’s great to see all the friendly faces again and hear all about some of the adventures that you have been on. Tales of the Northern Lights and sunny beaches have been spoken about at circle times, encapsulating the other children’s imaginations which have in turn have created ideas for play for the children. Norway became the setting for some hugely imaginative role-play and even meant we built a sleigh for Husky dogs in the forest - and an ice hotel!
Once again our amazing set up teams have been creating interesting, diverse and holistically challenging set-ups designed to build the children’s social and teamwork skills and to make the children look closely at the resources around them in the forest. One morning, the children followed a trail of purple ribbons, helping each other to collect one ribbon each. We arrived to a Witch’s Den along the path to discover that a Witch had fallen into trouble and had broken her broom! We set out to find materials in the forest around us to create our very own brooms! This was inspired by one of our favourite stories, Room on the Broom, from which the children can join in wholeheartedly with lots of key phrases - Whoosh! She was gone!

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We have also had a pirate themed day, which the children have got stuck into ‘eartily! Chants of ‘Walk the Plank’ and ‘Ahoy There’ have been echoing around Paradise. The pirate ship was built from logs, planks, tyres, ropes and old bike wheels and the children set about adapting their ship, constructing it into different shapes and spaces, working as a team. The ferocious shark was keen to chomp away at any man that fell overboard so the trusty crew worked out a way to lasso him with their ropes!
We hope you all have a lovely, swashbuckling weekend and look forward to another exciting week!

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Little Forest Folk