Wandsworth - The magic of being outside!

Our Week in the Forest... 

The magic of being outside every day, is adapting to and using the elements to guide our learning in the forest. This week’s weather has been very contrasting, on our hot days the children created their own shelters to cover them from the heat. It was all about finding the right sized sticks, balancing them safely to create a structure and then covering them with leaves. Building the structures was almost as fun as tearing them down!
We had a series of very heavy downpours on Thursday, and the children absolutely loved getting wet and muddy. The heavy rain created some mighty puddles on site – which the children collected in buckets, jumped in and threw sticks and stones into to watch the water splash. It didn’t take the children long to realise that the splash that they made was much bigger than any splash they could have made with sticks and stones.

Wandsworth 01:03:2019 1.jpeg

The imagination used to create miniature environments was fascinating. The children thought so carefully about what they had seen elsewhere and applied it to their ‘park’. They used string as an outline or border for their mini worlds, then added buildings, swings, slides, swimming pools, roads, hospitals and farms. The children’s imaginations are incredible and we love seeing what they come up with each week! 
Have a lovely weekend everybody!

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Little Forest Folk