Wimbledon - Blackberry paint!

Our Week in the Forest...

It has been a wonderful week in the forest, the sun has been lovely, the meadow has been beautiful and the children have been engaging in imaginative play.

With lots of holiday campers, the children have had the opportunity again this week to make new friends and build upon relationships they founded last week. The interactions have been a pleasure to observe, with lots of siblings together and some older age children finding themselves in roles of leadership. The blend has been very special.

The blackberries are ripening by the minute in the forest at the moment. The children have been very excited to pick them each day and even though it feels like there are no ripe ones left by the end, there’s plenty to pick the following day! It’s a lovely lifecycle to observe. Some of the children could pick for hours, ensuring they are very careful amongst the brambles and ensuring they only choose the ones that are ripe.

Wimbledon 02:08:2019 1.jpeg

The children have also been very creative in their use of the blackberries, making face paints, nail polish, syrups, tree paint and cake mixtures just to name some of the popular uses. There are lots being saved to come home to families, too. Has anyone at home made anything special with them? We’d love to hear!

Some beautiful teaching moments this week included making letters with sticks and sounding them out, sawing up logs into discs and making art on them, moving around logs to create new obstacles to conquer, making use of the charcoaled logs to make art and building amazing swings to take turns on.

It’s been another week of adventure and learning, and we look forward to the week to come. See you then!

“The best classroom and the richest classroom is roofed only by the sky”, Margaret McMillan.

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Little Forest Folk