Wimbledon - Conquering the Elements

Our Week in the Forest...

With the wind blowing wildly all about us, and the rain coming and going with the sunshine, this week has seen the little forest folk bravely conquer the elements as great explorers. Getting to grips with useful tools has been very important to the children this week and learning to tie knots and fix things with bungee cords has given the children brilliant new skills. These skills got put to use creating elaborate webs of rope and cord on and between the trees as well as tying up any big forest folk that got in the way!

Wimbledon   19:01:2018   1.png

One prevailing element in the forest this week has been the seasonal ice-cream shop! The children have returned to this every day to get their fix of serving, or choosing their ice-creams and simply strolling around the forest licking (pretending to anyway!) their ice-creams and appearing very satisfied with life. This creativity has spawned additional play around the home and places of comfort, where the children enjoy returning to with their ice-creams.

Wimbledon   19:01:2018   2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk