Wimbledon - Den building

Our Week in the Forest...

What a practical week it has been for our Little Forest Folk-ers. Almost every day we have had different tools out for the children to use, all in the preparation of their own toys! The week started with lots of sawing, with the children helping to hold the wood and cut it into small tree cookies or larger pieces. The pieces that were cut were then worked on with a whittler (potato peeler!) to make them smooth and bark free. From there, the children used palm drills to make holes in their cookies and fashion them into wheels for whatever vehicles they were making. All the children knew the safety rules and followed them brilliantly, using gloves when necessary and following the adult instructions to a tee!

Wimbledon 22:06:2018 1.JPG

Building dens has also been a popular past time for the children, and essential too as they made wonderful shelters from the sweltering sun! Tying knots, fixing support branches, creating smooth flooring: all of these things the children did and more. Once their structures were completed they provided the basis for spectacular imaginings with some dens being used as ships, hospitals, cosy houses and even party venues!

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Little Forest Folk