Wimbledon - Dinosaur discoveries

Our Week in the Forest...

This week we saw the return of our beloved Holiday Camps! It was lovely to see some familiar faces returning to the forest and the children have all played so well together, sharing their experiences and knowledge with one another in the beautiful forest environment. New friendships forming and old friends being reunited - perfect!
We have started to notice some frog spawn in our forest! These have fascinated the children; they especially enjoyed taking a closer look at them and talking about how they will soon become tadpoles and eventually frogs! Watch this space for more frog findings.
We have moved away from base camp to allow the ground to recover from our time there and are now playing in an area that the children refer to as the ‘mud kitchen’. The space is the first bit of the site you see as you come through our yellow gate, for those of you who don't know it. We are very lucky to have the stream running through this part of our site so naturally this has allowed for some excellent water play!

Wimbledon  06:04:2018  1.PNG

In the beautiful sunshine on Thursday a group of little explorers went out on an adventure walk. We went along lots of windy little ponds before stumbling upon what the children decided was a “secret fairy pond”. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any fairies on this occasion but we will try again soon! As one child said, “I think maybe we were too noisy for the fairies…”. We did see some ducks, however as well as splashing about in the ‘pond’ and climbing some gorgeous trees, so all was not lost!
Our fantastic new educator, Xiao, created a wonderful opportunity for the children after noticing how often dinosaurs had been creeping into their play over the past week. He brought in some baked play dough dinosaur ‘bones’, which were buried for the children to excavate. Once all the bones were discovered the children shared discussions around which part of the dinosaur each bone came from and spoke of their previous knowledge of dinosaurs. We had tape measures for the children to measure the length of the bones and some children chose to record their findings, learning that we can use ‘centimetres’ and ‘millimetres’ to discuss the size of objects.

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Little Forest Folk