Wimbledon - Face painting fun!

Our Week in the Forest...

‘Stay and Play’ week in the forest is always one of our favourite events and this week was no exception. Thank you to all the Mums, Dads and loved ones who came out to join us for some muddy forest fun! The children love to share ‘their’ space with you and it’s always so lovely to observe them telling parents ‘this is where we….’ and ‘you can do it this way…’ being true Little Forest Folk role models! We know that many parents enjoyed getting stuck in, helping with fire building and erecting teepees alongside all the glorious imaginative games you’ve engaged in with the children. Thank you very much and we hope to welcome you back again before too long!

Wimbledon   16:03:2018   1.JPG

We’ve had all seasons this week, and whilst we loved the glorious sunny moments, the rain has provided an excellent opportunity to explore the use of powdered paints with the children. They have been brilliant at sourcing out and transporting water from puddles to mix with the powders to create paints. One lucky Mum was even treated to a lovely powdered paint face painting experience by a group of children.

Last week the children were very interested in hunting for mini-beasts and we have continued to pursue this avenue with them.  We didn’t find toads or frogs this time round but there have been plenty of worms and woodlouse to keep the children highly entertained!

Wimbledon   16:03:2018   2.JPG

Little Forest Folk