Wimbledon - Forest Creativity

Our Week in the Forest...

This week we have been experiencing a windy forest and the children have used the wind in their creative projects, they enjoyed building boats out of natural woodland materials to see their creations sail away in the breeze! We all had a discussion about which materials would be best to use when creating a boat, which led to a marvellous forest hunt to see what items we could find. Our Little Forest Folk-ers, with support from educators, set about building their ships and this led to boundless excitement and creativity.

Wimbledon 21:09:2018 1.JPG

With such a creative start to the week, the theme carried on and the children decided they would like to build bridges. They set about searching for twigs, branches and mud so that they could create a structure. The teamwork in the forest was fantastic, seeing the children helping each other and working together to achieve their goal.
Later in the week, the creative energy in the forest continued… the children decided to decorate the forest for a party! They came up with lots of suggestions for what the party may entail and we all received our invitations. Oh what a party it was, we all gathered together for a good old sing along!

Wimbledon 21:09:2018 2.JPG

Little Forest Folk