Wimbledon - Forest performances!

Our Week in the Forest...

With kind and gentle hands and a listening ear, the Little Forest Folk of Fishponds Wood showed that they were the most effective and practical doctors, especially considering their primitive instruments for helping their poorly patients! Those in the role of doctors and nurses set themselves up with a little clinic under cover and had cushions and comfortable furnishings to ensure the patients felt they were being cared for and looked after.
The forest experienced its very first child-led rock show this week with several performers singing and playing huge imaginary guitars, wowing audiences both young and old. Tickets were duly given out first, however without a ticket, the children and adults had (almost) no access to the show. There were multiple performances, though, so everyone that wanted to see the show, witnessed the wonderful production! 

Role-playing is lots of fun and creates valuable learning experiences for the children.

Wimbledon 06:07:2018 1.jpeg

Whilst wandering through the forest and playing in the mud kitchen, the children have been making some incredible discoveries. Peeping out through the mud have been lots of different dinosaur eggs that the children have carefully excavated to ensure they don’t crack when they come out. Big eggs and small have filled the children’s imaginations and some Little Forest Folk-ers have become so good at excavating that their friends and other egg hunters have asked to use their services! 

It's been such creative week in the forest! We look forward to more imaginative play next week.

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Little Forest Folk