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Our Week in the Forest...

When Autumn hits, it brings such a wondrous array of natural phenomena that the children and educators at Little Forest Folk can’t help but marvel at. The new mushrooms popping up on our walk into and out of the forest were endlessly fascinating in their myriad shapes, sizes and colours. The fallen leaves provided lots of new resources for the children’s play, including some interesting salads and ingredients in other cookery escapades. As always, the additional water that has been provided by the rain has been useful for the children’s cleaning proclivities, as well as a perfect medium to make huge splashes with!

After our Little Forest Folk educators had been taking part in a forest school training weekend, the base camp was littered with their wood off-cuts. These proved to be great resources as the children used them as phones in the forest, which they used with pleasure, calling different educators as well as having long distant conversations with parents, friends and other imaginary people. However, due to the popularity of the phones the children decided to mark their own, so that they could differentiate them.

Wimbledon 11.10.2019 Collage1.jpeg

Our Jaybirds joined by some of our Little Forest Folk-ers had a busy old week which all began with a very mysterious letter from The Gruffalo. The letter was requesting a house extension as he had a new baby on the way. They diligently set to work creating a whole new house for the baby and just as they finished, they caught sight of their elusive contractor and so off they set on an adventure to find him. Their rallying cry was an adapted song, ‘Going on a Gruffalo Hunt.’ As with a lot of the play for all the children, things finished up with a big family role play, although each child took on the role of a different member of the Gruffalo family!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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