Wimbledon - Muddy puddles

Our Week in the Forest...

The muddy puddles have been a major source of joy this week. The wet weather left behind some wonderful mud patches all over the forest, and the mud loving forest explorers have used these daily in their play. Perhaps to adults, it is just some mud, maybe something to walk around rather than through but the children see the mud as an opportunity to deepen their play. Mud became a cooking ingredient, face paint, a fishing pond and an amazing sensory exploration.

Walks into and out of the forest, as well as adventure walks, have been opportunistic this week. Every child has an extraordinary sense of wonder and an affinity for nature. We love to facilitate this, striking up their curiosity and allowing them to hone in on their ability to see beauty all around them. In the forest this week, we have found mushrooms, slugs, squirrels, berries, footprints, molehills and so much more. Every one of these things ignites a conversation of awe and wonder, leading us to considering the world around us, how it works, how we are part of it and what we can do to make a difference. The forest is a magical place!

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The children have been busy in their dramatic play this week. Their imaginations are astounding. Pirate ships, birthday parties, puppies, kittens and more. The dramatic play has led to finding new friendships too, as our Little Forest Folk-ers take lead and invite people to join as they strengthen their play with more characters.

Mark making has been very popular this week too. The older children are finding more interest in literacy and phonics. Drawing, scribbling and dotting all contributes to strengthening their dexterity skills. We have enjoyed writing the children’s names for them, sounding out the letters and comparing with each other. Some of the children have then tried to write the letters themselves or trace over the letters written for them. Great practice!

There has been lots of running, jumping in puddles, rolling down the hill, climbing trees, rope tying, sharing, stick collecting and reading this week too. All our usual favourites!

See you all next week!

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom” – Socrates

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Little Forest Folk