Wimbledon - Acorns and leaves

Our Week in the Forest...

Autumn leaves everywhere and a glut of acorns. The children have been fascinated with these little brown and green seeds and this week has seen great scavenger hunts to find as many acorns as possible. These have then been used to test gravity (down pipes and gutters), as delicious toppings in cakes and in other food, and as the most desirable treasure available. You may even find a fair few stuffed into the little crevices of your child’s bag!
Cooking is still interesting the children hugely and we had a particular spike of interest this week as one of the Little Forest Folk celebrated their birthday. This resulted in all of the other children taking up their wooden spoons, sticks, mud and bowls to compete in making their own cakes for each other’s birthdays. The mole hills are in abundance and their freshly turned soil seems to be the stuff of cooking dreams in the forest!

Wimbledon 29:09:2017   1.png

A thief! Our forest castle was struck by a terrible loss and it was up to the security team to track down the lost items. All of this came from the brilliant minds of the children and the level of detail in their play was amazing. The children looked for clues and the mystery of the lost items deepened and further involved more and more children as the new details attracted their attention. The hi-vis vests certainly spurned the security team on and their authority extended to giving the teachers their orders

Wimbledon 29:09:2017   2.png

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk