Wimbledon - Busy little chicks

Our week in the forest

The chicks are leaving the Wimbledon nest.
“Me, me, me, me, me” cheeped the little children. The noises were all emanating from the great nest constructed inside the forest and from it came lots of little chicks eager to build, climb, swing, saw, paint and splash their way through another fantastic forest week!

Cheep cheep!

Cheep cheep!

It’s been a very busy week in Fishpond Woods this week with preparations for Monday’s party in full swing. Forest school activities have been at the forefront of the children’s ambitions: we’ve had the string and secateurs out to cut long twigs and tie them in to star shapes; the saw out to cut wood blocks and the palm drills out to make holes for the construction of reindeer; and any sticks lying around were turned into amazing stick men that the children drew faces on and which became new friends in the forest!

The children have been building developing physically this week with several different challenges that the children have really taken to. Wading through the swamp is becoming trickier and trickier with deeper mud and more water in the forest but it hasn’t slowed our children down in the slightest (and no apologies for the very muddy waterproofs!) and the larger puddles have become great role playing centres for construction, cookery and fishing.
The children’s desire to build dens is growing and their ideas and construction are more developed and elaborate with each den they build. Alongside classic teepee dens, the children were inspired to build a huge nest-like den, which became a real hub for multiple activities and inactivity as the children found it a lovely environment to relax in.

Busy in the forest

Busy in the forest

We discovered a very unexpected creature in our forest this week, which was a rather bedraggled bumblebee. The warm weather is bringing them out of hibernation too early so we gave her a sugary drink and put her back in a place to hibernate so she will hopefully sleep again until spring. If you do come across any bumblebees this winter, please give them a sugary drink and find them a warm place to, hopefully, go back into hibernation in.


Mincemeat fundraising

Cheeky squirrel photo bombing our jars :-)

Cheeky squirrel photo bombing our jars :-)

Thank you to those of you who have donated already, so far we have raised enough for 27 homeless people to have a place at Crisis at Christmas!

There's still time to reserve your jar and pick it up a at the Christmas Forest Party on Monday.
Click here to reserve yours now


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... We can't contain our excitement for the Little Forest Folk Christmas Party on Monday! We're looking forward to seeing you all there!

We will have all lost property available at the Scout Hall on Monday 19th for parent's to come and rummage through.

The first day back at nursery after Christmas will be Tuesday 3rd January and Little Forest Folk will be closed for an inset day on Friday 6th January.

What to wear

Hatley have kindly offered to give our families a 15% discount in store on fully priced items. They stock some great fleeces, thermals and snow boots. Just let them know that your little one attends Little Forest Folk to receive the discount.

Check our recommended winter kit list.

Team Update

You might see a little less of Chloe as she is reducing her days in the forest to increase her nanny-ing hours.

We're saying goodbye to Jenny as she has chosen to move into full-time nannying, its her last day today in the forest, she will be missed but we wish her all the best.

We have a new addition to the Little Forest Folk family, Paula will be joining us as an additional member of the team and will be supporting us across all three nurseries to fill in when members of the team are on annual leave or unwell... our very own Little Forest Folk super hero!


Only 9 sleeps until Christmas!

Only 9 sleeps until Christmas!

Have a lovely weekend and remember to save some mincepies for Santa...

Little Forest Folk