Wimbledon - Choose your own adventure

Our Week in the Forest...

Enter the forest and you might find anything and everything that you may desire. Some discover a head for heights and climb and swing from the treetop. Others crouch and lie to get closer to a world much smaller than their own, watching the myriad creatures with many legs, or seemingly no legs at all, scurry and slither and squirm on their merry way. Occasionally, too, the rocket comes down and, with everyone on board, sends our little and big forest folk off to other worldy adventures across the stars.
Less. Certain resources stay out in the forest come rain or shine and are perennial, meaning that if you have to finish a game with a tree stump one day, it’ll be sat in position, ready to be played with the next.
One such resource is the collection of antique tyres, which make excellent rolling toys (naturally). However, this week saw some sudden downpours and showers which filled the inside cavities. These pools of water were fascinating for the children and two or three at a time could be seen, heads down, examining the ripples, splashes and flow. Some children even gathered the extra pieces necessary to make the forest’s first water hotel. Fitted with its very own throne “For kings and queens.”
A Little More. With some especially high winds one day this week, we were forced to spend a day inside. This didn’t stop the children bringing the forest in with them though. Using ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ as a starting point, the children got creative with the edges of paper plates and some toilet rolls (with examples made earlier, in true Blue Peter style) to make two of our favourite insect friends: the very hungry caterpillar itself and it’s beautiful latter stage of a butterfly!
This really developed the children’s fine motor skills with cutting and gluing, as well as their eye for colour, which was pretty impressive, given the variety and scope of design on both the butterfly wings and the caterpillar bodies.
Heaps. Imaginations abound in Fishpond Wood and every day there are games, role-plays and fun that come from the brilliant minds of our amazing little forest folk. This week saw a huge burst of these activities which include, but aren’t limited to, mummies and babies, postman, giants (blind or sighted), astronauts, treasure seekers, café owners and animals.


The giants are a lovely new creation from the children and involved lots of big stomping around the forest and climbing as high as possible to get a more giant-like view of the nursery. The astronauts/ space explorers, too, was a change from the usual Star Wars theme and, after rounding lots of big and little forest folk up into the rocket, the play became extra imaginative as the children found and explored the different planets. These wild and vivid space creatures were also used as a way to coax other’s onto the spaceship: “Katherine come to space and we’ll find lots of beautiful creatures okay?” 


In Other News...

Our Wandsworth nursery is now finally open! We're excited to say that this week, over at our Wandsworth nursery we have started to settle in our new children at our lovely new setting. We're delighted to welcome all the new families to Little Forest Folk. We feel very lucky to be able to finally open a new setting in Wandsworth and we're sure the Wandsworth team will make a great success of it.


The weather next week
Will be warm but with some scattered showers so please do remember to dress you little one appropriately for the weather we're having.

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Dates for the diary
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Save the date
Don't forget to save the date for our Summer Picnic on Friday 18th August from 5pm at Wimbledon. More details to follow on this exciting event.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Little Forest Folk