Wimbledon - Frozen Forest

Our week in the forest

Look out Elsa and Anna, you’re not the only ones with a frozen land! Fishpond Woods was transformed this week with glistening ice on the puddles, beautiful frost fingers on the grass and plants and slippery surfaces everywhere!

Fun in the frosty forest

Fun in the frosty forest

The drop in temperature has clearly got the children itching to move (a great idea as it kept them warm) and go on adventures. One adventure went in search of a huge crocodile that had been rumoured to be living in the forest’s pond and the children relished searching high and low for it. Despite not finding it, they did discover robins, mushrooms and some magical sparkling leaves.

Another advantage of these winter days are the long shadows that are made by the low sun in the morning and the afternoons. Especially in the mornings, when we need to get some warmth into our legs, chasing each other’s shadows is a perfect way to both warm up and have fun all together!

Cosy campfires and yummy marshmallows

Cosy campfires and yummy marshmallows

Our favourite forest fun certainly helped take the chill off the afternoons this week with fires to warm, mesmerise and excite the children in equal measure. Roasting marshmallows is becoming a real skill for the children and they are now able to use the respect position (one knee up and one knee down) to keep themselves stable to hold their marshmallow sticks. Making the marshmallow sticks is a great skill the children love to develop too – who knew using vegetable peelers could be so enjoyable? If you like cooking at home, maybe you could encourage your children to start peeling the veg to help them for when they next need to make marshmallow stick!   


Stir it up fundraising

Complete with a pine cone and delicious mincemeat cupcake recipe card.

Complete with a pine cone and delicious mincemeat cupcake recipe card.

Have you ordered your jars of our mincemeat made-with-teeny-tiny-hands yet?

All proceeds will go to Crisis to help the homeless at Christmas.


With the coldest day in 6 years this week, we were sure to layer up and stay active. Please continue to dress children in lots of layers and pack spares in backpacks.

Booking for February half term holiday camps is available to book if your child attends sessional days, term time only.  See email for details.  Bookings available to public from next week.

A few important dates for your diary;

  • Monday 19th December: Christmas Forest Party
  • Friday 23rd December: Last day of term
  • Tuesday 3rd January: First day of spring term
  • Friday 6th January: Inset day
  • Monday 13th to Friday 17th February: Half-term

What to wear

The forecast is still looking chilly next week, we’ve been testing some new forest foot wear and gloves that we’ll be sending details about shortly in case any parents are interested.

Check out our recommended winter kit list.

Team Update

Rachel has joined the team this week, she is a qualified primary school teacher, level 3 forest school trained and most recently worked in a school in New York. She looks forward to sharing everything she's learnt with Little Forest Folk children!


Enjoy your weekend festivities !

Little Forest Folk