Our week in the forest - Happy easter!

Easter eggs :-)

Easter eggs :-)

A fabulous Spring week. We've removed our jackets for the first time this year and have been playing in the sunshine and shadows. It's been a beautiful sunny week.

We've been climbing trees, dragging branches, building new climbing challenges and running, jumping and hiding under our creations. We've been superheroes in the trees, have been pirates storming ships and have tried lots of balancing on slack lines. We've been so proud of ourselves when we manage to balance all the way across the slack lines from one tree to another and really test our core muscles and coordination in addition to our balancing skills and our determination to persevere. A fun physical game that is also character building.

Face painting and stories

Face painting and stories

It's been a week for literacy with lots of stories in the forest then lots of experiments with mark making. We've been using sticks to write our names, stories and draw pictures in the mud - including one beautiful depiction of a wedding dress. We've then whilst playing along with Easter bunnies been using carrots as writing implements and have been dipping our carrots in orange paint and then painting beautiful works of art and painting giant Easter eggs and even painting a house for bunnies.

Our teachers have been testing their artistic skills with lots of fabulous face painting to continue our Easter theme. There have been bunnies hopping all over the forest, which was especially fun on our Easter egg hunt - we learned from our mistakes last year and this year we hunted for fake eggs....to ensure that cheeky squirrels hadn't munched away all of our eggs before we could find them!

Painting in the forest

Painting in the forest

We've had lots of fun creating homemade food based dyes to turn our hard boiled eggs into lovely little edible pieces of art. We concentrated hard to peel onions and red cabbage, breaking it up into pieces using our fine motor skills, then boiled the foods on the fire until they were hot enough to place our eggs inside and have the colour seep through to dye our eggs. Who needs chocolate eggs when real eggs are this much fun!


We hope you have some lovely plans over Easter for family fun - Kew Gardens are doing some fabulous Easter activities so if you are free, pop over there for some healthy chocolate activities. Alternatively RHS Wisley Gardens are hosting a gold Lindt bunny hunt. Both look like lots of active, outdoor fun.

Next week is the beginning of 2 weeks school holidays before the start of the summer term. We bid a farewell to sessional children for a couple of weeks and will look forward to welcoming holiday campers before we begin our term again on 11th April.

As it's starting to warm up, children may no longer need their thermal snow boots soon. Warm wellies are neoprene based which makes them extremely flexible for easy running in, plus they have great grips and are much warmer than standard wellies so we highly recommend them. 

Dressing for the weather

It's time to wave goodbye to thermal layers!

  • Fleecy trousers 
  • Thin jumper
  • Thicker fleece/wool jumper
  • Thick fleecy zip up jacket - Mini Boden have some fab warm shaggy jackets on sale
  • One pair of socks
  • Wellies

Next week in the forest

Next week in the forest we are going to be welcoming holiday campers in to join in with our forest fun. Our themes for the two weeks of the school holidays will be birds and birds of prey. We look forward to learning lots and playing lots around the subject of birds.


Exciting times - it's time to move to our Spring menu! Next week we will introduce some fabulous new dishes to our repertoire.

Have a lovely Easter weekend!

Little Forest Folk