Wimbledon - in the mud kitchen ingredients are flying

Our Week in the Forest...

A light show! Reds, yellows, blues and oranges whizzed around the forest and inside the special light show tent. Experimenting is something the Little Forest Folk do exceptionally well and creating new light colours from the same torch became an excellent opportunity for them to expand their scientific knowledge.
Technology. Working in the great outdoors often seems a great sigh of relief from the modern world but technology can make its way in with marvellous consequences. In the forest this week the children have either made their own technologies or used some new things that have been brought in for them to experiment with. The new tech this week were torches. The children had a splendid time viewing the light beams from the cosy depths of the inside of a tent. But light beams aren’t simply enough and changing the colours of the light became the challenge. All sorts of materials were used to cover the torches: coats, fleeces, tent material produced all sorts of rainbow colours for the children.
Manufacturing their own tools and technology is something the children relish because it brings them closer to independence. This week saw the making of fishing rods using some bungee cords and sticks around the forest. Through this, the children showed their impressive capacity for patience by sitting or standing thoughtfully at all available puddles and streams in the hope of catching something good. Sticks, leaves, pots and pans made up most of the days catch, which, although inedible, were proudly displayed and carried by the tenacious fisher girls and boys that caught them.

Accuracy. When repeating something, all of us usually hope to improve and aim to do the thing better, more accurately and more impressively. Over the last month or so, the children have really tested themselves with jumping from objects as well as the climb up to their platform to jump. With extra supervision, the children produced their tallest challenge yet for their jumping endeavours and showed themselves to be fearless dare-devils that have developed a refined jumping ability that enables their own safety and fun in equal measure. It is always a wonder watching the Little Forest Folk pushing their own limits, safely, and the massive smiles they have once they’ve landed shows just how good it is to have challenges such as these available. And even better when the children set them!
Cookery. Often in the mud kitchen ingredients are flying, pots and pans are moving around at break neck speed and coffee, tea and hot chocolates are being thrust into welcome hands. However, sometimes the cookery spreads beyond the confines of the kitchen and this week saw the creation and use of our first café and ice-cream shop on the walks into and out of the forest. Using a V in a tree as the shop front, one or two children have been taking on the role of the servers and taking all of the customer’s orders, while the children in the role of the customers lined up without prompting to await their turn. It was all very civilised and cultured. With ice-creams in hand – a chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavoured stick – the children then continued onward to parents or the yellow gate.

The Secret Life of...

For anyone who might be interested, we have been contacted by Channel 4 who are currently casting for the next series of The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds and The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds and looking for children to take part in the new series.

This is not organised through us but we’d love to see some of our fabulous kiddies on the TV so if you are interested in applying you can apply here:  http://bit.ly/sloyoapply

Food in the forest:

Our full April menu can be found on our website HERE 

Sun-dried tomato & courgette pasta salad

So many veggies, sun-dried tomatoes, courgettes, garlic, Basil, lots of olive oil and a little tomato passata and purée. 
For each batch of pesto we use a kilo of courgettes and a kilo of sun-dried tomatoes for a tasty summery flavour. 


Enjoy your weekend adventures!

Little Forest Folk