Our week in the forest - Love

Love and Mother's Day

Love and Mother's Day

It's been a changeable week of weather in the forest, swinging from Spring to Winter to Spring again.

We've been talking about love this week and discussing Mother's Day and family units. We've seen some absolutely beautiful scenes of children (often dressed as superheroes) taking turns to be little families and take care of their babies. We've greatly enjoyed reading the book 'Guess how much I love you' - it must be a firm favourite at home as many of the children were familiar with the story already. 



Following on from discussing families some children wanted to make houses and so have been building their own little homes. A playhouse or den that a child has made themselves is always so much more attractive to them than a plastic wendy house. Their play seems enhanced by their pride in having created the structure themselves. 

We had a lovely visitor to site this week to brighten up a chilly and windy Wednesday when a mounted ranger came by for the children to see his horse. They were all very excited and although no riding of the horse was of course possible, there was lots of stroking and patting. 

World book day

World book day

In honour of World Book Day we've spent the week reading lots of stories in the forest and have even had some stories around the campfire. We've enjoyed encouraging literacy and have even had some staff members dressing up creatively for World Book Day.

As it's been chilly some days, we've had a fire most days and have been toasting marshmallows galore. It's such a dream of childhood to sit around a campfire toasting and then devouring marshmallows that we are incredibly pleased we are able to offer children this fun activity!

We've taken advantage of sunny days to play shadow games and have made shadow friends. We've also spent lots of time chasing bubbles through the trees in the sunshine. Beautiful scenes.

Shadow games

Shadow games

Finally for cooking this week the children made sweet potato and mackerel cakes followed by spiced fruit buns. Delicious!


Most of you have probably heard by now the awful change of heart by Wandsworth Borough Council which is delaying our opening in Wandsworth. We are doing all we can to not let parents down and open as planned but things are out of our hands a little. We are incredibly touched and heartened by your wonderful messages of support. We're very grateful to have supporters like you who are so passionate about Little Forest Folk.

At least things are proceeding as planned with our Chiswick opening! Please feel free to pop along and visit us on our open day on Thursday 17th March to see what Chiswick will be all about.

As it's starting to warm up, children may no longer need their thermal snow boots soon. We highly recommend these warm wellies, they are neoprene based which makes them extremely flexible for easy running in, plus they have great grips and are much warmer than standard wellies. 

Dressing for the weather

Sadly Spring seems to have disappeared and we are back in the throes of Winter so please continue to dress the children warmly:

  • Thermal layer - M&S have some great thermal long sleeve tops and leggings
  • Fleecy trousers 
  • Long sleeve tshirt
  • Thin jumper
  • Thicker fleece/wool jumper
  • Thick fleecy zip up jacket - Mini Boden have some fab warm shaggy jackets on sale
  • Scarf
  • Hat 
  • Gloves - lots of pairs of gloves to ensure when they get wet we have a replacement
  • Thin cotton socks
  • Thick wool socks or the horrible polyester socks they sell near the checkout at H&M which are super warm!
  • Wellies/thermal boots/snow boots

Next week in the forest

Next week in the forest given the children's delight and interest in our theme of Mother's Day and love, we are going to continue our theme and continue to learn more about what makes our Mummy's so special.


Our children have this week devoured..... learn more about our food and menu

Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to lots more fun next week!

Little Forest Folk