Wimbledon - mud hot chocolate tea

Our week in the forest...

Mud, mud everywhere- the theme continues! Our children’s creativity knows no bounds when it comes to this fantastic natural resource. Down at the stream the children continue to make mud kitchen concoctions, spurred on by some new resources kindly donated by Leia. Staff have been showered with kindness with never-ending supplies of “mud hot chocolate tea”, just what we needed on these cold winter mornings! We have, of course been reminded whilst pretending to drink our beverages that “You mustn’t really drink it- no picking and licking.” A perfect reminder that the children are hot on our forest rules!
We extended the interested in mud to encourage some mud painting. The children were supported in making their own paintbrushes using sticks and hay! We will continue to explore this theme and see where the children take the mud interest over the coming weeks.

This week we have seen a real surge in the enjoyment of group games. The children have been great at initiating games of ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’ ‘Duck, duck goose’ and our trusty old parachute has been out in full force for some lovely collaborative play! It has been very heart-warming to see children planning ahead during their morning snack time and having the confidence to ask the group “would you like to come and play ‘duck, duck goose’ with me on the meadow after snack?” Now that all the children are settled in we are seeing some beautiful friendships emerging, which we will continue to foster.
“David needs a house!” we heard as we watched a group of children tackle the challenge of building a shelter for their favourite outdoor legend. We genuinely think the children believe that David lives in the forest! They had wheelbarrows full of logs and sticks, which were transported all around the forest as they sought to find the perfect location.

Food in the forest:

Our new February menu has been going down a treat with the children, our current menus are on our website HERE 

To try one of our favourite soups with your little one at home see our recipes


Have a nice weekend and for those of you not with us next week... enjoy your half term adventures!

Little Forest Folk