Wimbledon - The Mud kitchen came alive!

Our Week in the Forest...

It’s been a wonderful week in the forest with all weathers and lots of new children taking their first tentative steps in Fishpond Wood.
Dressing up has been very popular with all the Little Forest Folk and adding a bit of substance to the role-playing your doing is no bad thing. The butterfly wings, when selected by individuals, caused all the butterflies to eventually gather together and create some wonderful insect based adventures. The witch’s hat was passed around to all the Little Forest Folk to turn helpless children and adults into whatever their magnificent minds decided!
Creation Station:
The children have really enjoyed using a variety of creative materials, combined with natural resources in the forest this week. We have used card and doubled-sided tape to collect forest treasures on; decorated willow crowns; painted with blackberry juice and made lots of paper aeroplanes! The children really seem to be enjoying these activities so we will continue to rotate resources and encourage them to use their creativity in the forest. We can’t wait to see what they think of next!

Wimbleodn 1.09.PNG

Through the rain, the mud kitchen came alive in more ways than one. Taking the kitchen title literally, the pots and pans were put to good use. Ingredients from all over the forest floor were popped into the pans along with lashings of mud and the occasional leaf (for taste). These were placed on the oven or fire, depending on what the children preferred, and the final pies, cakes, stews and other dishes were then offered round to the hungry Little and Big Forest Folk.
Towards the end of the week we had a real treat: bubbles! Using their bubble wands, the children had endless fun making big bubbles, small bubbles, double bubbles and rainbow bubbles. The bubbles inspired the children to see who could make the longest lasting bubble and the bubble that flew the furthest, which caught everyone’s attention when a particularly average looking bubble gently wafted around the meadow before being picked up by the wind and was watched until it was out of sight – a very impressive bubble after all!

Wimbledon 1.09.PNG

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk