Wimbledon - Rain play

Our Week in the Forest...

Mud factory. Roll up! Roll up!  Form an orderly queue please! Our children created what could be a very lucrative business considering our environment. Once the idea of making a mud factory was spread amongst the children almost everyone got involved. Some children were really keen to transport water and soil around the site, whilst others gathered up guttering, buckets and mixing spoons. We saw so much lovely collaborative play as the children explored the texture of their favourite forest resource. We learnt about cause and effect as water was added to dry soil, we learnt about speed and measures and we poured mud and water down guttering and then we did what all Little Forest Folk children do best- played in it! Mud, glorious mud! What more could a four year old want?

Elder beads. Some children used their creativity in a more delicate way by creating beautiful elder beads. The pre-cut pieces of elder wood were ready and available for children to use. They worked out that they could use small sticks to push out the pith of the elder wood, leaving nice hollow middles. Perfect for threading with string. Some children chose to make elder jewellery and proudly displayed their masterpieces for the rest of the day.
Rain play. Wednesday saw the welcome return of the stream to our mud kitchen area! Immediately the children busied themselves in making a variety of muddy meals and drinks to share with their friends. The wet weather seemed to encourage the frogs and toads that the children have been so interested over the past few weeks to make an appearance. We were very excited to see them hopping about!  We hope to see more of these forest friends during the coming weeks.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Little Forest Folk