Wimbledon - slugs, caterpillars and ladybirds

Our Week in the Forest...

In the shadows, amongst the trees and brambles, the Little Forest Folk gambolled and skipped. Up into the trees they scrambled as monkeys and eagles and leopards, and through the meadow the pirates roamed in search of those deserving to walk the plank! Wookie warriors hid behind their camouflaged hides while other Little Forest Folk lounged in their café in the shade, ordering hot chocolates and cooking up grasshopper sandwiches.
Sautéing. Imaginations have been in full gear this week as the children have made, built and cooked their way through the week. The ideas have been fantastic. The café role-play became all-consuming and each child took on multiple characters and roles within the confines of the café. Most started out as customers being served by the adults (hot chocolate was very popular) but the tables turned quickly and, using strips of bark as notebooks, the great band of waiters took orders left, right and centre. Then chefs started cooking the orders and others brought dishes from the kitchen to all that were hungry. Who needs lunch when you’ve got imaginary pancakes and ice-cream?
Acting. Star Wars was high on the imagination agenda this week too, and the Wookie warriors were brilliant protectors of the wagon. Storm troopers and the rest of the cast set off on adventures across the meadow and, with lightsabres, set about keeping back the nettles from the fringes.

Racing. From time to time, motor sports catch the children’s attention and this week brought the motorbikes roaring around the forest. With sticks as handlebars, the children set up their own races through the meadow and with cross-country courses in the mud kitchen, with streams to leap over, obstacles to steer around with precision riding, no-one crashed or was injured!
Bucketing. Some resources become very important to the children at different times and this week buckets were experiencing a renaissance. A group of children created a fantastic new game with buckets that can be accurately titled as ‘Who can get their bottom stuck in a bucket?’ This kept the children brilliantly amused, and walking around with a bucket stuck to your backside looks funnier than you’d imagine. Besides this, the buckets were used to create some luscious salads for those who were a little peckish – the buttercups really gave the dish a lovely look.
Searching. Looking around for insects is still very high on the children’s agenda and this week saw slugs, caterpillars (flying and crawling) and ladybirds taking centre stage with a supporting cast of pill bugs, beetles of varying descriptions, and beautiful butterflies, flitting from flower to flower. Please encourage this inquisitive searching over your weekends and we at Little Forest Folk can’t wait to hear about your finds next week!

Food in the forest

As we head into June next week we'll have some menu changes - look out for our menu update which will be sent out in the next few days.

Our full May menu can be found on our website HERE 

One of our tasty new lunch items from next week:

Petit pois, mint pesto and mozzarella wrap
We blitz Petit Pois with garlic, mint, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella and cheddar. The pesto is spread onto wraps (with some extra cheese) and toasted.
The children will enjoy these in the forest with cucumber slices and carrot batons. 

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Little Forest Folk