Wimbledon - Painting experiments

Our Week in the Forest...

“Look what I did!”, “Can I mix in this?”, “What happens if…?” – These are the sounds of the children enjoying lots of investigation and forest based experiments this week. When coming across tarps and bottles of paint, painting a picture isn’t necessarily the end outcome when there are so many other learning opportunities to be had. Children enjoyed mixing the colours, discussing the outcomes with the Big Forest Folk-ers and then testing out lots of new wonderful combinations. The painting activity led to children wanting the face paints and we had children attempting to do their own faces - we have had lots of dinosaur’s roaming the mud kitchen this week!

Wimbledon 07:09:2018 1.JPG

 A large bucket became a tool of investigation for other children as they collected things from the forest and experimented with adding water. This led to some appetising birthday muffins being carried around proudly and some children even used their mixtures to make beautiful nests that were then bejewelled with feathers and grass. A group of children had also combined the perfect ratio of water and mud to make clay that they then created some interesting sculptures with.
We had some new faces visiting the forest this week and a cooking activity around the fire was a great opportunity for our Little Forest Folk-ers to review the fire circle rules and help role model them for the new children. This led to children toasting some marshmallows and enjoying them with friends and with huge smiles on their faces.

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Little Forest Folk