Wimbledon - Painting Project

Our Week in the Forest...

Some dry and sunny weather at last! This week has been pure joy as we explored all of our favourite spaces on site. We spent some time in base camp, on the meadow and in the mud kitchen area. Everything is starting to dry out a bit in the forest, although we will need many more consecutive days of sunshine before we can frolic around ‘waterproof-less’! The children are still managing to find plenty of water for their water play!
There has been a huge interest in mini-beast and insect hunts again this week and it has been interesting for the children to note which creatures prefer the different sections of the forest. The children continue to develop their empathy skills as they gently handle and care for these tiny beasts. One child spent a long time caring for a slug but before leaving the forest commented that, “I need to put him somewhere safe so he doesn’t get hurt”.

Wimbledon 20:04:2018 1.PNG

The children enjoyed a communal painting project this week as well. We had large sheets of paper laid out in the forest with various paints and printing tools. The children really seemed to enjoy experimenting with mixing the colours to create new ones and make different shades. We used logs to print circles onto the paper and the children were also encourage to see if they could find any other natural resources from the forest to use as a printing tool, which ended up with some wonderful ideas! Once the picture was complete, we were able to hang it up at base camp for all the children to view with pride.

Wimbledon 20:04:2018 2.PNG

Little Forest Folk