Wimbledon - Pirates on the high sea!

Our Week in the Forest...

If you were a pirate on the high sea, where would you go? What would you do? The pirates of Little Forest Folk Wimbledon were not far into their adventure this week when their ship ran into a storm and began to sink. Luckily, the crews captain was quick to lead the evacuation and led their team across the sea to a ‘Pirate Mobile’ that was bobbing in the waves. Unfortunately, a rival pirate crew who were looking to loot their treasure were also boarding the mobile. A skirmish ensued but it was a victory for the mobile’s owners who managed to keep their prized treasure. This was just one of the themes that emerged in the children’s imaginary play this week, we also had a very busy vet surgery where logs represented a range of pets and prescriptions were written on leaves.
As imaginations were alive with magic, one of our educators took the opportunity to scribe down children’s stories so they could enjoy having it read back to them. One particular story featured a Queen on the brink of death had it not been for a clever Prince who worked out a way to save her!

Wimbledon 24:08:2018 1.jpg

The children enjoyed a clay activity on Monday, which involved collecting a range of natural materials to add to their sculptures such as fern leaves, blackberries and flowers. Their art pieces ranged from blackberry infused lollipops to a very fierce looking lion. As the children really enjoyed manipulating the clay they were also introduced to the opportunity to make their very own salt dough with Leia, which were turned into some nature inspired decorations encrusted with flowers and leaves.
There were two cooking on the fire activities this week – Spike and Katherine helped children prepare ‘S’mores’ as well as chocolate and banana toasted sandwiches. From the chocolate coved smiles, we could tell our band of pirates were pleased they hadn’t strayed too far from Wimbledon.

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Little Forest Folk