Wimbledon - Spooky Spooky!

Our Week in the Forest...

Happy Halloween Everyone!
What a spooky and exciting week it has been with costumes, climbing and creativity being strong themes all week. Halloween itself was a fantastic celebration of all things scary with lots of costumes coming in on both children and adults: Star Wars characters, cats, witches and even a Frenchman! This really inspired the children’s play and certainly the witches teamed up to cause magical mayhem throughout the meadow and Star Wars characters worked together, heading after the baddies. The children also got very involved in having their faces painted …and painting each other too. It was wonderful to see the children’s creativity coming out and all children and adults appreciated the effort that had gone into the beautiful designs that adorned their faces.

Wimbledon 03.11.17  1.png

Lots of children have been particularly interested in playing on and around the ‘Imagination Tree’ today.  A makeshift slide was set up against the branches, using a long wide plank, which the children enjoyed clambering up on before sliding down on their tummies! Lots of giggle coming from this area, as well as excellent examples of turn taking. The rest of the tree has been used to improve and hone the older children’s climbing skills with some being as capable as little monkeys in getting themselves onto new branches and creating different paths and routes for others to follow up.

Wimbledon 03.11.17  2.jpg

Have a lovely weekend!

Little Forest Folk