Wimbledon - Tactile Art

Our Week in the Forest...

Move over, Vincent Van Gogh! The children of Fishpond Woods are preparing to steal your crown! This week in the forest we saw an increased interest in using paints in lots of very creative ways. On Monday, we made a collaborative piece of tactile art, using paint and forest treasures to create something really special. Children were encouraged to go and explore, finding lots of natural items to bring back and add to the work. Although some children preferred the idea of flexing their artistic muscles by engaging in ‘performance art’ aka rolling around in the paints! We continued with this theme for the rest of the week, each day offering a different way of using the paints. The children really enjoyed decorating their junk modelling too!

Wimbledon   26:01:2018    1.png

When wild winds blew on Wednesday we were forced to stay indoors and were so impressed by the flexibility of the children, once again.  During the morning, we enjoyed arts and crafts, small world play, dressing up and role-play as well as a hilarious game of ‘Limbo’! The wind calmed down for the afternoon so we offered to go explore the outside area of the Scout Hall with the children. We were beyond pleased that the majority of the children (and teachers!) chose this option despite the torrential rain! Outside we enjoyed mark making on the tarmac with jumbo chalks and pond dipping.
We’re pleased to say we now have new wheelbarrows, and the children couldn’t be happier. In addition to transporting everything they can lay their hands upon, we have also watched as they spent ages using various tools to dig up soil, dirt and other forest treasures to pile into the wheelbarrows. We wonder how long it will take before they discover that they can transport one another in these! Watch this space!

Wimbledon   26:01:2018    2.png

Little Forest Folk