Wimbledon - Troll Bridge

Our Week in the Forest...

Staying and playing in the forest is not just something recommended for our children, but for their parents too. This week has seen a great influx of parents coming to have some fun: whether it’s searching for caterpillars and other creepy crawlies; building a ship to set sail over the meadow; or being giants to chase down our Little Forest Folk-ers who squealed with delight! The parents really got stuck in and enjoyed seeing the mud kitchen in more detail than previous years and more often than not, playing with big groups of children, exploring their ideas with them.
The children’s abilities with technology are improving rapidly and, without the need for an adult, a group of children used resources they had available to rig up a pulley with a seat to transport other children about. The children’s skills in knot tying are quite proficient now and their problem-solving abilities are phenomenal, talking to each other about the right way to arrange sticks, ropes and pulley wheels!

Wimbledon 13:07:2018 1.jpeg

Changing small things can really open up the children’s eyes and minds to the natural world around them. This week has seen adventure walks on the way into and out of the forest and this has brought with it new wonders for the children to see and interesting things that they have many questions about. The foxgloves along the ‘troll bridge’ are a beautiful sight but come with a warning – which the children love to give to adults and other children alike. The ‘Christmas Tree’ along the path has caused the children to remember their favourite bits (and songs!) about the winter season. And the ‘troll bridge’ itself sparks stories, yarns and tales from the children about the dreaded Gruncher, or the Gruffalo, or even crocodiles and trolls!

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Little Forest Folk