Wimbledon - Water challenges

Our Week in the Forest...

Our holiday camp started in full swing this week and the beginning of the week saw the budding of new friendships! Children have been enjoying the coolness of the shaded mud kitchen as they have worked as teams, building bridges, making rope climbing frames and chatting to new friends on adventure walks.

As the temperatures hit record highs, the children indulged in water play as they made their very own ‘sprinkler’ from a recycled plastic bottle that they punctured holes into and suspended from a tree. They enjoyed running through the ‘shower’ as their friends helped pour water into the leaky container.

Wimbledon 26:07:2019 1.jpeg

We have also had a lot of water challenges, seeing how fast teams of children can transport water from one tub to another, although a lot got spilled along the way the laughter made the activity all the worthwhile!

Children haven’t forgotten to care for their flora friends this week, using the water to give the trees and plants a refreshing drink. It was a comical moment when one child, after having poured a cup of water on the base of a tree stopped and said to the tree, “I didn’t hear a thank you!”. It’s good to see, along with their growing sense of empathy and care for all living things, comes a great sense of manners.

We hope you all managed to keep cool too and have a lovely weekend!

Wimbledon 26:07:2019 2.jpeg

Little Forest Folk