Our parent's feedback

At Little Forest Folk, we're passionate about developing children's abilities and imagination. That's why it's fantastic to hear from our parents about the differences they are noticing when their little ones get home from the forest.  


LFF for us has become an extension of our family. I say that not only because of the care and love the staff show for A (which is akin to my closest family) but because his development just extends between the two spaces so well.

His love of the outdoors and protecting nature has extended from all the teaching in nursery out into the countryside where his grandparents live. He has got my parents regularly doing litter picks with him and he was the reason we took part in a local litter pick organised for Putney Commons. He gives us all directions on how to do the litter picks, he explains what happens to the planet if we litter and tells me constantly how “David Africa” won’t be happy if we let things go in the ocean. I cannot believe the level of responsibility that a 4 year old feels and this comes from the amazing care that the whole team create around the spaces they play in. 

Parent, Barnes nursery (April 2019)


Our son has attended LFF Barnes for two years now and is the happy, confident, curious boy he is largely because of his experiences there. He’s always happy to set off to nursery in the mornings and pretty much always a bit cross if we pick him up early because he’s having so much fun! He’s made such strong friendships and it’s lovely that he’s grown up with older and younger kids around him.  

He has boundless energy so being in an outdoor setting has been invaluable to him. The quality and experience of the educators is excellent and T is so loved and nurtured by them. One of the key things that drew me to LFF was the energy and commitment I saw in the staff. Every single one of them is dedicated, fun, hardworking - T adores them all, as do we. They provide him with a learning experience and environment we could never replicate at home or in another nursery. It’s truly unique and we feel so thankful that T has had this opportunity.

Parent, Barnes nursery (April 2019)


We’re delighted with LFF and our daughter is very happy there. The staff are so creative in how they use the natural environment to inspire and educate the kids. I love how much latitude our daughter gets to explore for herself, and the variety in the landscape means there is always something new.  The setting promotes and encourages independence to really great degree. I have wonderful conversations with my daughter about things she’s done “in the forest” and she has a real respect and care for the natural environment which has been instilled in her by LFF. The staff are warm and friendly and our daughter has formed close relationships with many of them. There’s a great sense of fun and adventure prevalent throughout.

Parent, Barnes nursery (April 2019)


We feel so lucky that our son gets to spend time at Forest in Barnes; the learning environment that the teachers create completely surpasses our expectations for C’s early education. We had originally been slightly sceptical about how much he would learn in a very organic, relaxed environment but these attributes have been at the heart of C’s beginning to discover his potential. 

The teachers are incredibly adaptable; they allow the children the latitude follow their imaginations and take play in directions that create the basis for learning. This creativity along with their passion sets the staff apart from their peers: they are unfaltering in their dedication to furthering the children’s understanding of the world and, reassuringly, in ensuring their day to day wellbeing & happiness. Our son is absolutely at ease with going to nursery, with himself and his environment. It is clear to us that C is benefiting from learning to think for himself about the world around him and is being encouraged to throw open the doors of his imagination - and that is what the very foundations of education at should be.

Parent, Barnes nursery (April 2019)  


E had a truly incredible year at Little Forest Folk - making great friends, having fun and learning so much. Huge thanks to you all for making it such a special experience. We are so grateful to Leanna and James for making Little Forest Folk happen and delighted to see it growing and flourishing. We were very sad to leave (due to moving house) but so happy to have been part of the lovely Barnes group. 

Parent, Barnes nursery (February 2019)


E is truly inspired by life, he challenges himself physically, has huge amounts of confidence, is loving, caring, supportive, inquisitive and fun. I genuinely feel these qualities have been enhanced by Little Forest Folk.

I hadn't left E for more than a few hours when he started the forest in September 2017. I have not once worried about him at all whilst he's been looked after in the forest in such a remote setting. 

Thank you all, so so much for all the love, care and attention you give parents and of course kids. You're champions of life and love. 

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (November 2018)

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I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how incredible I think Little Forest Folk is. My child has now been at Wandsworth for over a year and I am grateful every single day that he is able to experience such a high quality of early years education surrounded by such inspiring and loving teachers. I look forward to my daily Tapestry photo email with unnatural impatience (!) and always rush to pick him up excited to see the smile on his face and hear the stories he has to tell me about the adventures he's had.

Parent, Wandsworth nursery (September 2018)

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I wanted to take the time to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for creating the most wonderful learning environment and experience for N at Little Forest Folk. Ever since she started in 2017, I have been so grateful to have had the opportunity to send her to forest school, and for her to be looked after by such wonderful staff and a forward thinking nursery. It really is the best decision we made for her. Needless to say, we have missed it so much since finishing. 

However, the memories will stay with us, and I truly believe that N’s development - physically, emotionally, mentally - has expanded so greatly during her time with you.

I wish Little Forest Folk all the success it deserves.

Parent, Chiswick nursery (September 2018)

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My child has really benefited from the sunny hours and snowy days spent in the forest. He was the healthiest he has ever been last winter!

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (September 2018)

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Little Forest Folk has been the making of our little boy. He adores his 3 days a week in the forest at the Windmill site and we firmly believe it is setting him up for great things in the future.

Parent, Wandsworth nursery (September 2018)

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Our third was our first to go off to the forest (though her big brother and big sister have since joined her for camp). In many ways her being a forest baby has made her more grown up than her siblings were at the same age (though, yes of course she is the youngest, and with her older siblings only a year and two years older than her it has been a bit of a whirlwind at home) but what is so magical is the prolonging of the joy of early childhood. She is a fearsomely independent three year old who gives the most tender cuddles. She comes home covered in mud, wide eyed and rosy cheeked and full of enthusiasm for the joys of Spring/Summer/Autumn (puddles - hurrah!)/Winter.

Thank you Leanna for not settling all those years ago when you couldn't find a nursery you liked - so many families are so very grateful for your courage, so that our little ones can test theirs (and all the other wonderful qualities you bring out in them) in the Great outdoors.

Parent, Fulham nursery (May 2018)

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‘C’s speech therapist was impressed with Tapestry, she said the observations she had seen are invaluable’

Parent, Fulham nursery (November 2017)

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‘Fabulous, it’s like in a fairytale, he is so happy there, thank you so much!’

Parent, Fulham nursery (November 2017)

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‘…A huge thanks for the Stay & Play invitation, it has been lovely to spend some time with A. In the short time she has been here we can already see the difference, her speech has already improved and her knowledge of colours has suddenly come out of nowhere!!...’

 Parent, Fulham nursery (October 2017)

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Firstly, my apologies that it has taken me nearly a week to write this email, but we just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your amazing team for organising last Friday's picnic.

 To say that our experience of having J at LFF has been different to his previous nursery would be a gross understatement. We marvel everyday at what you and your team are pulling off and the impact it is having. My quiet, sometimes unexpressive and at its worst, sad little boy, has been transformed in just a month into a joyous, giggling, exhausted(!) little chap. Watching him at the picnic with his new friends and the staff was heaven. And for the first time it feels like we are meeting wonderful parents who share a passion for giving our kids this opportunity and it has somehow helped a group of us at Barnes connect very quickly. We even commented last Friday at how nice it was to be able to rave about the experience with each other because we are becoming conscious of how much we might be driving other people crazy with what happened in the forest today!

Every day we feel thankful that we are not just looking in at what you are creating, but living it with you. Thank you for the wonderful evening on Friday and for all the incredible hard work you all put in to give this gift to us all.

Parent, Barnes nursery (August 2017)

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And finally, a more general thank you for providing such an incredible experience for G, hopefully his little brother T in due course and all the other children that are lucky enough to have some LFF fun!  Every time I bring G along or collect him, I am so happy and a little bit overwhelmed by how lucky G is to have such a special nursery experience.  To have the chance to roam freely about outdoors, having adventures in a beautiful place with all the wonders that nature has to offer, is nothing short of magical really.  

I think I mentioned to James a while ago that I had tears in my eyes as I looked round LFF for the first time. I was just so happy and excited at the prospect that G might get to come along to somewhere so wonderful at some point.  Prior to that, there had been tears on more than one occasion after visiting potential nurseries as I couldn't really stand the thought of G being cooped up in a small room for lots of hours a day at such a young age, being asked to start 'proper' writing at the age of 3 and sometimes spending lots of time with staff who, unfortunately, didn't seem like they were that interested in being there.

In contrast, your Team at LFF are incredible.  You don't need me to tell you that but their commitment, passion and enthusiasm for what they do is so apparent, it is a real joy to see.  I often can't help thinking that the children at LFF have been unbelievably lucky and had a few lifetimes worth of 'once in a lifetime' teachers!  

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful opportunity and experience for G and others. LFF really is the stuff childhood dreams are made of!  

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (August 2017)

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As you know, before we switched H to Little Forest Folk, he’d had a bit of a confidence knock at his pre-school. We were really impressed by Little Forest Folk, but I was always a tiny bit worried about how H would do at school when he was put in a class full of children who had been drilled in phonics 5 days a week for the preceding year…..

I had H’s end of year report today and it’s absolutely glowing. I thought he was bang on track, but he is actually above average academically but the most encouraging thing is that the school have written about his kindness, caring, co-operation skills, great listening, confidence and he is apparently a ‘fantastic role model’ for the other children. Clearly I’m unashamedly doing the ‘gushing with pride’ thing but that’s not the point of this. The point is that H came to LFF after a pretty serious confidence knock, and LFF really built him back up, and got him confident enough to be ready for school. He’s clearly really benefitted from his time at LFF.

What you do for our kids is so, so important. Thank you all for just letting them play and nurturing their beautiful little souls!!

Parent (July 2017)

It was the first time I had ever spent any time in the forest with R and I was extremely impressed with the site, your brilliant team and the organisation of LFF.

The LFF team create an environment where the kids use their imagination and surroundings to create their own fun and relationships whilst also teaching the children in a way that is completely unique and on their level. I can't really praise the staff I met more, they are completely unique when I compare them to other teachers I have met at nursery schools.

We can see how much N and R have enjoyed and benefitted from their time at LFF. The sooner you guys can set up a school the better! I would love to hear more about that project.

You should all be very proud. The more people see the benefits of this type of education the better. I think it could be hugely beneficial for society as a whole as well.  

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (March 2017)

Thank you and the teachers so much for all the amazing times he's had - it has been a great start for his education and I only wish children didn't have to start school so young here in the UK so that he could stay a bit longer!!

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (July 2016)


We feel so fortunate that we discovered you and that he has been able to attend for the past year. He really has gained so much from it.  He now goes hiking around Box Hill and we are always amazed how fast and nimble he is on uneven terrain and how observant and interested in nature he has become. He pulled a thistle type thing from his pocket the other day and whispered that he thought he may have found a baby hedgehog egg 😍!

Thank you so much and we wish you every success with LFF in the future. We may still see you on holiday camps though!

Parent, WIMBLEDON NURSERY (July 2016)


I grew up in a little village in Wales and spent my childhood with total freedom to explore the surrounding countryside, and my fondest memories are of trudging through deep snow to go sledging, getting my welly stuck in really sticky mud and collecting frogspawn. 

My husband and I have chosen to live in London, but I wanted my kids to experience nature the way I did and just couldn't see a way.

So Little Forest Folk answered our prayers. A chance for our kids to spend their days getting mud under their nails, listening to the birds, climbing trees and exploring in a peaceful environment, rather than cooped up a tiny, noisy room. 

What really excites me is how my kids' brains will develop differently as a result of this experience. It really will shape who they'll become. 

Almost everyone asks incredulously "they will be outside even in winter?" But many of these same people will happily book a week's skiing holiday and spend 8 hours a day in sub-zero temperatures, so that's a good way to explain that it's really ok to be outside all day in the right clothes if you stay active.

I am just over the moon that we have this brilliant opportunity right here on our doorsteps in Chiswick. I only wish they had LFF for grown ups too- I'd sign up!

Parent, Chiswick NURSEry (June 2016)


To have so many great blokes working is amazing, Arturo, Ama, Ben, new Welsh dude, the little people need inspiring male role models and I think yours are brilliant. I also know this because my boys relate to them so well and chat about them a LOT, they have been banging on about Arturo all week!!!! They have such great style with the kids, not babying them and encouraging their independence wherever possible. I also love that there is so much laughter, nurseries should be happy places, if you can't be silly when you are little then when can you???

I know I've gone on about the boys but you have wonderful women too and almost everyone that I come into contact with has a freshness, enthusiasm and warmth that is very special. 

Becky, parent, chiswick nursery (July 2016)


Thank you so much to all of you my son is having the time of his life! He talks a lot about Arturo, the fire circle, the wheelbarrow and granola! 

His speech is improving everyday and I was amazed when he said ‘please can I have some...’ the other day instead of his usual ‘want...(what do you say?)...please’! 

I have found my son starting quite challenging as I have never left him with people I don’t know before, but you all have helped him to settle in so well and I really appreciate that.

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (March 2016) 


We love the atmosphere and learning that occurs at LFF! Our son’s confidence, language and physical skills have come on leaps and bounds since joining only two months ago!

PARENT, WIMBLEDON nursery (January 2016) 


A massive thank you to you and all your staff for everything you’ve done for our son. He has grown into a wonderful little person full of imagination and mass amounts of courage and this is mostly due to his time at LFF.

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (September 2015)


My son has now been attending a full day at Little Forest Folk for a few weeks and I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with it. He has settled in so quickly (which he certainly didn’t at his last nursery) and seems to love it. We have noticed how much more observant he is when walking outside now and doesn’t bat an eye at bad weather! We are so pleased he has a place with you and feel a little smug telling others about what a wonderful experience he is having in the forest each week. I love getting the photos on Tapestry while he is there!
Thank you for your hard work and dedication - it is an amazing place.