Our parent's feedback

At Little Forest Folk, we're passionate about developing children's abilities and imagination. That's why it's fantastic to hear from our parents about the differences they are noticing when their little ones get home from the forest.  


It was the first time I had ever spent any time in the forest with R and I was extremely impressed with the site, your brilliant team and the organisation of LFF.

The LFF team create an environment where the kids use their imagination and surroundings to create their own fun and relationships whilst also teaching the children in a way that is completely unique and on their level. I can't really praise the staff I met more, they are completely unique when I compare them to other teachers I have met at nursery schools.

We can see how much N and R have enjoyed and benefitted from their time at LFF. The sooner you guys can set up a school the better! I would love to hear more about that project.

You should all be very proud. The more people see the benefits of this type of education the better. I think it could be hugely beneficial for society as a whole as well.  

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (March 2017)

Thank you and the teachers so much for all the amazing times he's had - it has been a great start for his education and I only wish children didn't have to start school so young here in the UK so that he could stay a bit longer!!

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (July 2016)


We feel so fortunate that we discovered you and that he has been able to attend for the past year. He really has gained so much from it.  He now goes hiking around Box Hill and we are always amazed how fast and nimble he is on uneven terrain and how observant and interested in nature he has become. He pulled a thistle type thing from his pocket the other day and whispered that he thought he may have found a baby hedgehog egg 😍!

Thank you so much and we wish you every success with LFF in the future. We may still see you on holiday camps though!

Parent, WIMBLEDON NURSERY (July 2016)


I grew up in a little village in Wales and spent my childhood with total freedom to explore the surrounding countryside, and my fondest memories are of trudging through deep snow to go sledging, getting my welly stuck in really sticky mud and collecting frogspawn. 

My husband and I have chosen to live in London, but I wanted my kids to experience nature the way I did and just couldn't see a way.

So Little Forest Folk answered our prayers. A chance for our kids to spend their days getting mud under their nails, listening to the birds, climbing trees and exploring in a peaceful environment, rather than cooped up a tiny, noisy room. 

What really excites me is how my kids' brains will develop differently as a result of this experience. It really will shape who they'll become. 

Almost everyone asks incredulously "they will be outside even in winter?" But many of these same people will happily book a week's skiing holiday and spend 8 hours a day in sub-zero temperatures, so that's a good way to explain that it's really ok to be outside all day in the right clothes if you stay active.

I am just over the moon that we have this brilliant opportunity right here on our doorsteps in Chiswick. I only wish they had LFF for grown ups too- I'd sign up!

Parent, Chiswick NURSEry (June 2016)


To have so many great blokes working is amazing, Arturo, Ama, Ben, new Welsh dude, the little people need inspiring male role models and I think yours are brilliant. I also know this because my boys relate to them so well and chat about them a LOT, they have been banging on about Arturo all week!!!! They have such great style with the kids, not babying them and encouraging their independence wherever possible. I also love that there is so much laughter, nurseries should be happy places, if you can't be silly when you are little then when can you???

I know I've gone on about the boys but you have wonderful women too and almost everyone that I come into contact with has a freshness, enthusiasm and warmth that is very special. 

Becky, parent, chiswick nursery (July 2016)


Thank you so much to all of you my son is having the time of his life! He talks a lot about Arturo, the fire circle, the wheelbarrow and granola! 

His speech is improving everyday and I was amazed when he said ‘please can I have some...’ the other day instead of his usual ‘want...(what do you say?)...please’! 

I have found my son starting quite challenging as I have never left him with people I don’t know before, but you all have helped him to settle in so well and I really appreciate that.

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (March 2016) 


We love the atmosphere and learning that occurs at LFF! Our son’s confidence, language and physical skills have come on leaps and bounds since joining only two months ago!

PARENT, WIMBLEDON nursery (January 2016) 


A massive thank you to you and all your staff for everything you’ve done for our son. He has grown into a wonderful little person full of imagination and mass amounts of courage and this is mostly due to his time at LFF.

Parent, Wimbledon nursery (September 2015)


My son has now been attending a full day at Little Forest Folk for a few weeks and I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with it. He has settled in so quickly (which he certainly didn’t at his last nursery) and seems to love it. We have noticed how much more observant he is when walking outside now and doesn’t bat an eye at bad weather! We are so pleased he has a place with you and feel a little smug telling others about what a wonderful experience he is having in the forest each week. I love getting the photos on Tapestry while he is there!
Thank you for your hard work and dedication - it is an amazing place.