Wandsworth - A Space Odyssey!

Our Week in the Forest... 

It has been a week of new arrivals in the Forest!  We are so happy to have our new friends join us here in Wandsworth. We hope that they enjoyed playing in the forest as much as we enjoyed having them join the group. As a team, we are looking forward to watching and helping our new friends develop and grow with us.
Exploring the environment with our new friends, we have found many new exciting activities. The children found blocks of ice around the forest. They decided to break these down using a variety of techniques. Using sticks, stones, hands and feet we crunched the ice until we found a variety of magical keys hidden inside. A note left nearby told us that these were the keys to the fairy houses in the forest. This re-ignited conversations about the fairies and giants of the forest that we had on our many adventure walks at the end of 2017. These exciting moments sparked lots of enquiry based questions as well as imaginative storytelling ideas!

Wandsworth 1 12.01.18.PNG

With welcoming our new friends, the more established Little Forest Folk have shown kindness and compassion that even the adult world could learn from! Ready to show them the ropes, include them in their play and gently remind them of the ‘forest rules’ - they supported the new starters to settle in. A team of friends even set up a shop in the forest to provide the new children with the ingredients for the mud kitchen. However such ingredients do come at a price “That’s £2 please!”. We are seeing an increasing interest in letter formation and mark-making in the forest at the moment and this is something we will support in our planning and resourcing over the next few weeks.
Space travel has continued to be a popular theme this week. Jumping on our makeshift Spaceship, we strap on our seatbelts (or maybe branch protection) and start our countdown until “BLAST OFF!”  Carefully, remembering to push the landing button, we disembark and start to explore the new planets! We have been to many planets, however Mars and Jupiter are our favourites as the aliens seem to be very friendly there! We have many more planets to explore!
Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

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Little Forest Folk